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    Environment, ICT Ministers Launch Website for Healthcare Waste Management

    Cairo, 17 April 2020

    The Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat have announced, through video conference, launching a website for healthcare waste management, within the Medical and Electronic Waste Management project, carried out in collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

    The aim is to follow up on the amount of waste produced from each health facility and when it is transferred to waste treatment plants, as well as the amount treated, to ensure reaching all piles of waste. This is in addition to sending waste to proper treatment locations and making sure to safely dispose of the treatment outputs.

    The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and the Director of the Telecommunication and Infrastructure Sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Raafat Hindy, the Executive President of the Waste Management Regulatory Authority (WMRA) Ahmed Farouk and the Medical and Electronic Waste Management Project Manager Tarek El-Araby.

    Fouad stated that launching the website is an accomplishment achieved in collaboration between a number of ministries, in which MCIT has been a key partner in supporting and securing data and helping provide technical supervision of the company responsible for creating the database. This is in addition to coordinating with the Ministry of Health and Population and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

    The website acts as the nucleus of the process of regulating and ensuring a safe disposal of medical waste, which is one of the most important hazardous wastes that greatly affect the health of citizens. The website also ensures sustainability of the medical waste system, not only as we face Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), added Fouad.

    The Minister of Environment also said that the website enables waste management officers at health facilities to keep a daily record of the amount of each type of waste produced at their facilities, their transfer time, the plate number of the vehicle used and the occupancy rate. Waste management officers at treatment plants too can keep record of the amount of waste received, the amount treated and the amount of treatment output disposed of safely.

    For his part, the ICT Minister said that creating a digital portal for healthcare waste is part of the cooperation projects between MCIT and the Ministry of Environment, and represents a model of the synergized efforts between the state sectors.

    Talaat highlighted the significance of creating the portal as one of the key steps toward the stateís plan for achieving digital transformation. The website also supports the Ministry of Environmentís efforts to develop smart mechanisms for managing a unified system for the safe disposal of healthcare waste, with applying the safety standards.

    This is to preserve the environment, keep Egyptians safe and protect them from the hazards resulting from such waste.

    MCIT developed the technical, technological and digital frameworks of the efforts of the Ministry of Environment, said Talaat. He added that MCIT keeps exerting efforts to use and harness ICT solutions to develop policies to dispose of electronic and medical waste, and preserve the environment, in light of the continuous pursuit to raise environmental awareness among all segments of society.

    The two Ministers stated that statistical reports, graphics and comparisons can be generated through the website, revealing the daily average of waste produced from health facilities and linking it to the different medical specializations, showing the effectiveness of proper separation of waste and ensuring a proper waste management.

    The website also allows users to do the feasibility studies needed for developing the hazardous medical waste management system. In addition, users can upload training bundles on sustainable healthcare waste management, and healthcare waste management guidelines, policies and plans.

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