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    ICT Minister Inspects ENPO Outlets to Ensure Irregular Employment Aid Disbursement Runs Smoothly

    Cairo, 13 April 2020

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat took, today, an inspection tour, including 10 outlets of Egypt National Post Organization (ENPO), a number of schools and branches of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt (ABE), in Cairo, Giza Qalyubia and Menoufia Governorates.

    This is to ensure that the disbursement of the irregular employment aid, decided by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to those suffering the repercussions of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis, runs smoothly, without congestion.

    In Qalyubia, the ICT Minister was accompanied by Qalyubia Governor Abd El Hamid El Haggan, and the Parliament- ICT Committee Head Ahmed Badawy. In Menoufia, he was accompanied by Menoufia Governor Ahmed Abu Lemon.

    Talaat inspected the work progress in Telecom Egypt (TE) 142 hotline customer service center, in Ramses telephone exchange, equipped with 100 service providers. This is to immediately start responding to the inquiries of the aid beneficiaries and provide them with information on the disbursement schedule and outlets.

    TE Managing Director and CEO Adel Hamed and a number of TE officials received the ICT Minister.

    Talaat also made sure that the disbursement process is running smoothly in a number of Postal Services Centers and schools dedicated for this purpose, in the four mentioned governorates. He was accompanied by ENPO Acting Chairman Abdo Elwan.

    The ICT Minister stated that a comprehensive plan has been developed to facilitate disbursing the irregular employment aid through 4,000 post offices nationwide, with the working hours extended in main post offices nationwide, to include an evening shift, from 1 to 5 pm.

    This is in addition to coordinating with the Ministry of Local Development and the Ministry of Education to dedicate around 600 schools to serve as additional disbursement outlets, to facilitate access of beneficiaries to the aid and avoid congestion in post offices.

    This comes within the framework of the precautionary measures that target curbing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping employees, citizens and post customers nationwide safe.

    Talaat said that each beneficiary would be handed an Egypt Post pre-paid EasyPay card, to be used for receiving the aid for two months, starting from next month. The aid amounts should be added automatically to Egypt Post e-payment card system, according to the disbursing schedule, for each age group separately, Talaat added.

    In addition, the ICT Minister said that the card enables citizens to receive the aid through any ATM machine or post office nationwide. It can also be used for purchasing from selling outlets, starting next month. The aim is to provide different disbursing methods to ease access of citizens to the aid.

    Elwan said that the beneficiaries have been apportioned among the different post offices nationwide, with each citizen receiving the aid from the nearest post office. Beneficiaries have also been apportioned according to age groups.

    The first group, including 51 year old beneficiaries or older, received the aid today. The second, including beneficiaries of 25 to 50 years old, is planned to receive the aid on April 14 and 15, while the third, including 24 year old beneficiaries or younger, is to receive the aid on April 16. Beneficiaries who did not receive the aid on the mentioned dates shall receive it on April 26-28. This is to avoid congestion and keep citizens safe.

    Furthermore, ENPO calls on all beneficiaries to avoid congestion at post offices and visit them only after receiving a text message including the disbursement date and location, be it the nearest post office or ABE branch. This is in addition to leaving safe distances and brining their valid National ID cards and a copy of it.

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