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    ICT Minister Directs for Increasing Evening Shift Working Post Offices from 350 to 2,000

    Cairo, 18 March 2020

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has directed for increasing the number of post offices working evening shifts, until 6 PM, from 350 to 2,000, nationwide, during pension payment days. This is to help pensioners and reduce congestion in post offices.

    This comes within the framework of the preventive measures aiming to protect employees and citizens' health and avoid large gatherings, in implementation of the state’s plan for facing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

    The Acting Head of Egypt National Post Organization (ENPO) Abdo Elwan stated that ENPO has taken the necessary preventive measures to protect the health of its employees and customers, in almost 4,000 post offices nationwide.

    Strict instructions have been given on using the sterilizing tools distributed in departments, and cancelling the fingerprint attendance system, with adhering to the scheduled working hours and signing in and out in the attendance sheet. This is in addition to sterilizing surfaces, floors and facilities, with requiring employees to follow the preventive instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    If an employee experiences any symptoms during their working hours, they must report immediately, so they can be transferred to the nearest hospital to receive the necessary medical attention.

    Elwan added that the measures taken by ENPO include suspending all internal and external training activities, providing online training programs, if possible, and reducing internal meetings, to include the smallest number possible of executives. This is in addition to cancelling all internal social events and activities, such as honoring ceremonies, as well as instructing for avoiding handshakes and leaving a proper distance between employees during their working hours.

    Moreover, employees returning from abroad are to stay at home for 15 days, starting from their arrival date.

    Other measures include granting a 15 day paid leave to employees included in the Prime Minister’s decree providing for reducing the number of personnel in government facilities and state institutions. Furthermore, sectors and department heads are to present to the crisis management committee a plan on the work of the other employees to work alternatively, on daily or weekly basis, to ensure continuity and regularity of work at ENPO different offices.

    On the other hand, the National Telecom Regularity Authority (NTRA) called on the telecommunication operators in Egypt to take the necessary preventive measures for facing COVID-19 and providing a safe work environment for employees, with ensuring continuity of work.

    Measures include raising employees’ awareness of the important precautions that should be followed to avoid infection, and making available the necessary equipment for measuring the body temperature of employees and incoming visitors at each company. This is in addition to sterilizing and disinfecting all offices, surfaces and tools used by employees, on regular basis, throughout the day, and directing for staying at home or heading to the hospital, for those experiencing flu symptoms.

    NTRA also underlined the significance of continuing work at call centers to answer customers’ inquiries, reducing the number of personnel at companies’ outlets to five only in each outlet, and increasing the use of technological means for circulating documents inside and outside each company.

    This is in addition to holding meetings via videoconference and cancelling the fingerprint attendance system.

    Necessary precautions are also to be taken with employees returning from abroad, where the Human Resources (HR) department approve their return to work after checking their tests results, and advise for their work online from home for 14 days.

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