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    MCIT Organizes Awareness Day in Behira to Mark Safer Internet Day

    Behira, 27 February 2016

    In light of children online protection, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and UNICEF, has held a forum in celebration of the International Safer Internet Day (SID) in one of Behira’s schools under the theme "Stay and Play Safe Online”.

    A number of 120 students of the age group between 12-13 years have been trained to learn about the benefits and risks of the Internet. The training was held under the supervision of 12 teachers, and parents were invited to attend the training program offered to students.

    The event’s program entailed presenting educational video clips on the safe Internet use, and drawing some pictures expressing awareness messages, in addition to involving students in writing and composing a song about the safe use of the Internet. MCIT and ITU Regional Office provided educational material through learning via gamification. Two workshops were held, one of them under Microsoft auspices on software and Internet safe use and the other one under IBM auspices on mobile programming.

    During the event, participating students were awarded "Safer Internet Day Ambassador ", a title which has been given since last year. Each student is granted a virtual passport including his data and receives a stamp or signature from his school administration whenever he actively educates his colleagues in the school. This will be conducted with other students for future activities with the aim of having ambassadors holding awareness messages on safe Internet use in all governorates of Egypt.

    The aim of this event is to protect students, parents and teachers of the potential risks of the Internet through spreading the culture of safe Internet use and increasing awareness at homes, educational institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). MCIT is committed to study and evaluate the current situation of the safety of children on the Internet, and to make recommendations on the adoption of new policies in the field of child online protection, commensurate with the nature of the Egyptian society, and the latest technological developments. It also seeks to provide a safe environment for children online, as well as cooperating and coordinating with regional and international organizations working in the same field.

    Behira was chosen for the celebration of this year as one of Lower Egypt governorates to raise awareness of the issues of Internet use in areas outside the Capital. It is a new approach pursued by the National Committee of the Children Online Protection (COP), in line with the general trend of the government and MCIT to communicate with the various parts of the country. This year's forum was sponsored by some private companies such as Intel, Vodafone, TE Data, Microsoft, Mobinil, Ikeep safe, IBM, Oracle and COP members in 2016.

    COP members includes MCIT, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior (General Department of Information and Documentation), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), the Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CIT), Eitesal Association, Internet Masr NGO, a number of data transmission, mobile and ICT companies and the General Division of Computers and Software Chambers affiliated to the Federation of Egypt Chambers of Commerce.

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