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    ICT Minister Opens National Center for ICT Services Quality Control and Monitoring

    Cairo, 11 July 2019

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat opened, today, the National Center for ICT Services Quality Control and Monitoring, affiliated to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in Smart Village.

    The opening ceremony was attended by NTRA Acting Executive President Mustafa Abdel-Wahed, Associate ICT Minister for Networks and ICT Infrastructure Hossam El-Gamal, Orange Egypt CEO Yasser Shaker, Telecom Egypt CEO and Managing Director Adel Hamed, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Etisalat Misr Khaled Hegazy, and Technology Director of Vodafone Egypt Osama Said.

    Opening such center reflects Egyptís keenness on improving the quality of services provided to citizens, and taking all necessary measures to ensure citizensí access to the highest level of telecommunication and Internet services.

    Following the opening, the ICT Minister stated that the main aim of establishing the Center is to measure, periodically, the quality of voice and Internet services provided by telecommunication companies operating in Egypt. Services are measured inside 94 areas, 70 main roads, and 25 public gathering spaces, nationwide, such as shopping malls and high density governmental institutions.

    In addition, the Center aims to achieve transparency by publishing monthly reports on NTRA website www.tra.gov.eg, to keep citizens and companies aware of the quality of services provided by telecommunication companies, thus helping citizens choose the strongest network in places where they live or work.

    Talaat added that the Centerís investments amounted to 50 million Egyptian pounds. He said that the first ICT services quality measurement report will be published on September 1, and that the project is being carried out in cooperation with the four telecommunication companies.

    Moreover, the Center communicates with the companies at the technical and administrative level to discuss measuring methods and techniques, and the key indicators issued by its reports.

    Not only the service quality is measured, but also the reasons the service level downgrades, so that companies can avoid them.

    Furthermore, Abdel-Wahed highlighted that establishing the Center will help keep up with the international standards of communication services quality measurement, and improve Egyptís rank in the global communication market. This is in addition to qualifying the Egyptian market to receive new communication services, such as the fifth generation (5G) mobile services, and mobile applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

    NTRA partnered up with Rohde and Schwarz, a market-leading German company specializing in ICT services test and measurement, and an active member in quality measurements international organizations. The Company will transfer expertise to NTRA engineers to deal with modern machines to test the service, especially as NTRA has highly skilled personnel to perform the measurements.

    In addition, NTRA developed and installed the latest and best ICT quality measurement devices and developed their operating system to issue full reports and results, with identifying the causes of the irregularities observed.

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