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    e-Learning Conference Kicks off Today

    Cairo, 15 December 2014
    The Minister of ICT Atef Helmy and Minister of Education Mahmoud Abulnasr accompanied by the Supreme Council of Universities General Secretariat Ashraf Hatem inaugurated today the e-Learning Conference and Exhibition.

    The Virtual Labs- one of the European Union projects- organizes the event to develop education in Egypt. This comes in cooperation with the e-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) affiliated to Egypt ICT-Trust Fund under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

    The conference showcases the recommendations of Virtual Labs project and transfers expertise for the e-learning industry men in Egypt in the educational institutions, and public and private companies. Helmy has said that the State strives to provide innovative solutions for the challenges in the educational sector in Egypt, by activating the role of ICT in the research and education system.

    Therefore, MCIT, in cooperation with concerned ministries in Egypt and foreign educational institutions, implements the virtual labs model in engineering faculties, to deal with several problems facing the engineering and physics labs in the Egyptian universities, like: the lake of some updated equipment, or the increase of number of students exceeding the capacity of current labs, a matter that does not allow students to practice efficiently.

    The virtual labs funded by the European Union in 2011 aims to develop the e-system allowing students to undertake online laboratory engineering and physics experiments, check results at home and pursue the labs assignments, showcase and analyze results.

    This is in addition to long-distanced control to implement several experiments online, practice and present reports and results, and finally, interact with the teaching staff online. ELCC chairman Yasser Kazem, has explained that the project implementation period extended to three years, has witnessed the establishment of a data center as per international standards, the organization of a number of specialized training programs to qualify human calibers and develop a number of experiments in engineering and physics, therefore, allowing advanced experiments online through Learning Management System (LMS).

    The outputs of the project were evaluated using personal interviews, poll, and test results analysis, and by applying education and technical parameters.

    The final assessment showed positive outputs where 35 interactive experiments were produced, and a data center was established to host the experiments, in addition to the Learning Management System (LMS) to diffuse the experiments online.

    During the conference, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Supreme Council of Universities and Ain-Shams University, to launch the virtual labs project to transfer the expertise of the project’s partners to all Egyptian Universities.

    Using advanced technology in the learning process helps overcome the current obstacles, get better educational outputs and allow distinguished educational expertise for all students anywhere and anytime.

    The agreed upon project aims to develop five experiments from different Egyptian Universities with focus on the basic and essential experiments in physics and engineering.

    Each university should present a number of suggestions to reach between 80 to 100 laboratory experiments that could be applied virtually for the benefit of 10 thousand students almost in different universities, therefore the use of students of virtual labs save a budget instead of buying equipment for training.

    On the margins of the event, an exhibition highlights the most important virtual experiments that reflecting the importance of e-learning and its role to support education in Egypt, showcases the projects results and recommendations in order to transfer expertise of partners to e-learning concerned parties in Egypt.

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