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    Pharmacological Supply System Development Program Kicks off

    Cairo, 10 August 2014

    Within the framework of implementing the joint cooperation signed in February 2014, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and the Minister of Health and Population Adel Adawy witnessed the executive meeting to launch the first phase of the pharmacological supply program in Egypt.

    Both ministers announced the launching of the first phase of the supply system in the presence of the IT Infrastructure sector Director at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Hesham El-Deeb, deputies and sectorsí presidents of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), in addition to MCIT leaders and Novartis-Egypt company representatives as the projectís donor and sponsor.

    Improving the health care system, the new program provides basic medicines while avoiding shortage of certain drugs in hospitals nationwide. This plan relies on activating a technology system that efficiently exploits economic resources in this sector in Egypt.

    Expired drugs will be avoided since MoHP will be in control of tracking drugs till they reach patients. Applying technology in this program will rationalize the use of resources, infrastructure and time, to offer better health services for patients nationwide.

    In his speech, Helmy has stressed on the governmentís keenness to overcome obstacles hindering good quality services. IT has always provided innovative solutions to face society challenges, he has added. This necessitates the integration of IT tools in the logistics system in the Stateís administrative body, thanks to its ability to fight corruption and transparency. Moreover, Technology helps reduce losses and waste of resources.

    He has also talked about MCIT and MoHP close cooperation resulting in a number of success stories like developing the working system at the Critical Care Medicine Department at Kasr El-Einy hospital, a source of pride being implemented in Egypt and a number of countries.

    Cloud computing, as a promising technology, enables users to save, analyze and extract data, Helmy has highlighted. He recommended that MoHP adopts this global trend to decrease costs and servers maintenance expenses.

    Helmy and Adawy agreed to shorten the programís implementation to six months instead of one year. In this context, Helmy recommends to set a time frame for the protocol implementation and prioritize topics accurately.

    Helmy suggested to delegate the missions of medicinesí transport to Egypt Post to avoid transportation difficulties from public storage to hospitals nationwide, in view of Egypt Post large fleet of cars nationwide in exchange with simple transportation fees.

    Out of his deep belief in IT role to save time and effort as well as costs to support health and treatment systems in Egypt, Adawy has said that the new program comes as part of MoHP priorities to enhance health services to the citizen.

    The program aims to reform medicines provision according to actual needs and decrease expenses which will help reduce the budget deficit and maximize benefit out of current resources. This shall grant medicines reaching patients in sufficient quantities in MoHP health care centers at affordable prices.

    The program is formed of a number of projects restructuring the medicineís system including medicines provision to shorten storage period and achieve best performance of storage and government pharmacies.

    Another project is enhancing medicine storage system in conformity with global standards to store medicines and train MoHP pharmacists on scientific basis to identify needs and means to manage storage areas with maximum efficiency. This is in addition to automating processes of determining needs, purchase, provision, management of storage to uplift medical services.

    The program targets in the first phase governorates of Sharqiya, Luxor, Asswan, South Sinai, Suez and Ismailia. Both ministers recommended integrating Great Cairo into the first phase targets. 

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