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    ICT Minister Inaugurates ‘IT Role in Industry Development’ Conference

    Cairo, 23 June 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy inaugurated today the “IT Role in Industry Development” Conference, organized by the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (CIT) in cooperation with the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

    The conference is held on 23-24 June. ITIDA CEO Hussein El-Geretly, Federation of Egyptian Industries’ Director Mohamed El-Swidi, the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (CIT) Chairman Khaled Ibrahim attended the event among a group of experts and specialists concerned with developing the Egyptian industry using IT.

    Around 50 CIT Chamber member companies participated at the conference, in addition to companies and factories of other Egyptian federations.

    The conference aims to develop business of chamber members, increase local demand as a government policy to support Egyptian companies overcome the current challenges. This is achieved through identifying and meeting companies needs, raising awareness of members of the Federation of Egyptian Industries about ICT use in different industries and improving their technological capabilities, and achieving revenues for chamber members through sales or activating agreements to implement future businesses.

    This can be achieved by taking advantage of the presence of member companies of industries chambers being part of the Federation of the Egyptian industries (16 chambers) covering all industries in Egypt.

    Helmy said that the conference was a good cooperation model between the government, in this case, represented by ITIDA, and the Federation of Egyptian Industries, civil society represented by CIT chamber. He referred to the event as part of MCIT, ITIDA and civil society endeavors to narrow the gap between ICT at one end and industry and commerce at the other end.

    MCIT and stakeholders work hard to integrate IT solutions in vital sectors considering IT as a main factor to help the industry achieve its goals. Moreover, the event is a presentation of how IT can play a significant role to achieve the government ambitious plans in all fields especially industry.

    Helmy saluted participating Egyptian companies at the exhibition—50 companies and 550 Egyptian organizations from different industrial sectors approximately—praising their technology innovative solutions representing serious and practical attempts to understand how IT solutions work to solve problems and challenges facing industries and helping them achieve success and improve competitiveness on local and international levels.

    This meets the goal of the event which is narrowing the gap between ICT and industry. Many similar events would take place in the coming period which could help place Egyptian companies in the forefront of the African and international markets, Helmy added.

    The ICT Minister explained that the ICT sector was committed to continue the IT industry growth to create job opportunities, thus increase the sector’s share in the national GDP and most importantly to turn ICT as a main pillar for the success of government plans.

    Chamber President Khaled Ibrahim said that invitations were sent to around 40 thousand member companies of the Federation of the Egyptian Industries, and that all reservations were finalized where more than 50 companies would showcase their products in the exhibition to develop different industries.

    Ibrahim also said that upon a request of the industry chambers for training offers especially for their companies and in line with the significance of the event, an area was allocated for training companies in the exhibition to allow training companies to showcase their services to other chambers companies. This is in addition to the participation of major companies working in the training on IT tools in Egypt.

    Ibrahim added that a meeting between decision-makers of industry and chamber companies would be held to increase business demand of chamber companies and to benefit different industry companies of their products and activities in different IT industry sectors like training, human resources management programs, information security systems, e-portals and websites, e-recycling, call centers, engineering systems, occupational health and safety systems, financial systems and costs, projects management and determinants of performance appraisal systems.

    A session entitled “IT industry role in developing Egyptian industries” was held in cooperation with the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC). The ICT Minister has visited the different exhibition pavilions.

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