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    During Participating in World Government Summit, ICT Minister Showcases Egypt Experience in PPP Development

    Dubai, 10 February 2019

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat, during his participation in “The Future of Digital Policy in Partnership with Google” panel session held on the sidelines of the World Government Summit, stated that Egypt has set a remarkable example of cooperation between the government and the private sector- Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

    The private sector is the strategic partner that plays a vital role in implementing the ICT strategy. Such cooperation helps achieve the desired goals, develop the sector, and promote business in different digital technology fields. He ascertained that successful partnerships require concerted efforts among the different involved entities, including the private sector represented by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), leading local and international companies, and academic and research bodies.

    Google Vice President for Global Public Policy and Government Relations Karan Bhatia and AT&T Senior Vice President for Global External and Public Affairs Margaret Peterlin participated in the session.

    During the session, Talaat discussed the most remarkable partnerships that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) established to exchange best practices and experiences, and transfer knowledge from major international companies to help support technological innovation and entrepreneurship and build digital capacities.

    This included collaborating with international companies and organizations to provide youth with internationally certified training programs in specialized techniques. Furthermore, MCIT has partnered up with the private sector to make Egypt a regional hub for designing and manufacturing advanced electronics. In addition, a collaboration has been established with international and local companies to adapt modern technologies and come up with technological solutions and applications, thus offering governmental services creatively, and implementing the strategy of the transition to a digital society.

    He also referred to Egypt’s experience to adopt a range of policies to strengthen cooperation between the governmental and the private sector, by offering facilities and incentives, creating an enabling environment for investment, within the framework of the economic reform measures and the new investment law, and creating a legislative environment to support investment including the cybercrime law, the personal data protection law, and the electronic transactions law.

    Talaat stated that Egypt is about to launch the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. The strategy entails providing training and education programs, and collecting a huge amount of data, ensuring its availability to the private sector to develop applications that use artificial intelligence in services and data analysis.

    He emphasized Egypt’s efforts to raise efficiency of government services, enhance the role of technology in achieving development goals to improve the quality of life in Egypt, and overcome the challenges to the success of digital policies by giving priority to making digital inclusion services available to citizens, which means ensuring government e-services are made available to citizens, and Internet access is provided.

    Moreover, exerted efforts target developing and deploying the communications infrastructure all over Egypt, while securing it to help face the growing threats of cybercrimes, in addition to enhancing the digital skills and raising efficacy of human resources, and conducting community dialogues that aim at changing the community culture.

    Talaat is due to meet representatives of international and regional ICT companies to seek further cooperation and consider available investment opportunities in Egypt’s ICT sector.

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