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    Cooperation between MCIT, MoC to Boost Digital Content

    Cairo, 23 January 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy and the Minister of Culture, Mohamed Saber signed today a new cooperation protocol to complete the development of infrastructure in the Ministry of Culture (MoC) and boost digital content.  

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is keen to improve services performance in the different State institutions, through integrating the information technology (IT) tools in the government administrative body

    MCIT strategy reflects these thoughts, with a main goal to achieve the digital society and activate the IT use in various walks of life, in order to save time and efforts and make the governmental services more accessible.

    The protocol aims to document MoC cultural content in a digital form that facilitates research and information retrieval. Moreover, this up-to-date form shall help spread the digital content on internet.

    Therefore, the significance of ICT value-added shall be enrooted. As a matter of fact, ICT, with its value-added, offers various and vital services, thus, strengthening MoC position in the society and worldwide.

    The cooperation between the two ministries will result in establishing an economic model with the best revenue by marketing the digital content and in developing human capacity and providing training on computer usage. This is in addition to developing MoC and affiliated working system through the initiative to increase productivity and efficiency of government entities, and finally accessing MoC activities and events on internet.

    The new protocol matches the Ministry of Culture new plan aiming to spread the Egyptian cultural heritage to reach all citizens nationwide and all enthusiasts worldwide, a matter that will strengthen Egypt’s position as a leading global cultural hub. These goals cannot be achieved efficiently without new techniques compatible to the spirit of time, or competitive infrastructure based on effectiveness and entrepreneurship in these fields.

    The protocol stipulates the establishment of an interactive e-portal, technology homes, an e-archiving system, digital transition and e-ticketing system for the Egyptian Opera House, as well as the installment of an automated working system inside the Ministry. In addition, MCIT will provide training programs on computer usage and advanced information systems to MoC employees.

    MCIT will also provide the services of the productivity initiative for MoC employees and affiliated organizations, in an attempt to ease communications between the Ministry’s various sectors using cloud computing techniques.

    The activation of technology applications entails the management of email, working system, all kind of conferences (audio, video…etc.), training programs, as well as the technical support for the above mentioned applications.

    This protocol offers an excellent opportunity for specialized companies to open new horizons, provide new jobs for youth in the required specializations for the projects under this protocol.      

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