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    Cooperation Protocol between MCIT, Cassation Court to Automate Work Cycle

    Cairo, 2 January 2014

    The Chief Judge of the Court of Cassation and Head of the Supreme Judicial Council Hamed Abdullah along with the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy signed today a new protocol to implement projects for automating and developing work cycles at the Court of Cassation.

    The protocol is the fruit of a previous one signed between the two parties and a positive impact  for implemented projects which resulted in facilitating procedures, promoting services provided to citizens and improving work conditions for personnel following the activation of ICT in the work cycle of the court and affiliate sectors.

    The 3-year protocol aims at supporting the efficiency of managing the activities of the Court of Cassation for registration within the International Consortium for Court Excellence.

    It also endeavors to advance judicial and administrative work through developing e-transactions and modern technology means, shifting towards digital transactions in line with the Stateís prospect to shift towards a modern information society to save time and efforts for citizens and public prosecution personnel.

    Through the use of ICT tools, procedures would be facilitated and secured and extraction of decision making indicators for high management process would be simplified.

    This is in addition to improving the quality of services for the public prosecution office and matching them with international standards, promoting relation between the Judiciary and the various stateís institutions and documenting and preserving the heritage of the Court of Cassation.

    Abdullah said the protocol came in line with implementing the national plan of the State to modernize the judicial performance and related services provided by the Court of Cassation to facilitate access to judicial proceedings and ensure access of stakeholders to their rights without suffering in the framework of constitutional and procedural legitimacy.

    The Second Deputy President of the Court of Cassation and member of the Supreme Judicial Council Hossam Abdel Rahim underlined the need to start implementing the projects shortly.

    According to the provisions of the protocol,  MCIT implements projects of archiving the library of the Court of Cassation, establish a connection center for the Court of Cassationís services, create the project to develop the work cycle for cases of the Court of Cassation and offer training and human development programs  and e-control systems.

    For his part, Helmy highlighted that the protocol represented an opportunity for specialized ICT companies to open new prospects in several related fields, in the framework of MCIT strategy to promote local demand to provide new job opportunities for youth in many fields.

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