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    Millennium Initiative Pilot Project to Merge IT, Education

    Cairo, 10 December 2013

    Egypt’s government pays special attention, presently, to means of reforming education and learning process, being conscious of their vital role in the society as an engine of the economy and where other sectors are affected by it.

    The top main element for such reforms is to avail of technology advancement and means to incorporate it in the education and learning processes, thus developing the education system.

    In line with this approach, the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Scientific Research adopted an initiative to sponsor students and provide  better educational services, in addition to allowing opportunities of distinguished education and learning in fields of sciences and technology.

    This comes as an attempt to create a nucleus of a new generation of scientists in Egypt capable of taking part in achieving Egypt’s prosperity and improve the education methods of science, mathematics and technology in the educational system.

    The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) has adopted this trend with partnership of the Millennium Initiative affiliated to the United Nations.

    The Millennium agreement was signed between the Academy and the Millennium institution, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of education and in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy, in Geneva, May 2013.

    The Millennium@EDU project aims to support states, governments and educational institutions worldwide to reform and develop education systems and enhance the students’ skills in the 21th century, through integrating the tools of communications and information technology (ICTs) in the education system. A group of global ICT and education companies are participating in the initiative.

    The initiative and its application has been launched through the Academy, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education to develop 20 schools in Cairo and Giza.

     Schools include around 235 classes distributed to three educational levels: 4th primary, 5th primary and 1st preparatory levels. The initiative serves around 6000 students and 230 teachers.

    The applied system is an integrated smart school education one, including production, 3D and 2D interactive scientific content tools, e-learning system, class management software, interactive books, training programs for teachers, students and school leaders, supervisors, and technical support, in addition to providing equipment like computers, notebooks for students, school server and interactive boards.

    Companies like Intel, Microsoft, Prima, Willingham Company as well as the national alley presided by the Arab Industrialization Organization, Kharafi group and with the membership of Mobinil, Nahdet Misr, Khalifa group, Computek, Designmat, participated at the implementation of the initiative.

    Thus Millennium project represents a successful concept of partnership between the private and public sectors to introduce integrated solutions.

     Project components:

    1-  A wireless network for each school to link classes and students and teachers devices

    2-  Provide an internet connection line to access the educational sources, activate the education management. This could also be used to organize studying sessions with other schools inside and outside Egypt

    3-  A server for each school to maximize the interactive participation and sharing references and electronic methodologies, secure and control internet access

    4-  A notebook for each and every teacher with class management tools and showcasing educational materials to students

    5-  A specialized computer for every student enabled with educational tools strengthening studies to be offered in an electronic format

    6-  Training courses to teachers and deputies covering all aspects of project and opening horizons to teachers to integrate the educational process with ICT, in order to push the Egyptian education system forward

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