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    ICT Minister Meets Counterparts to Discuss Protocol Execution

    Cairo, 31 July 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Atef Helmy met today with the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Dr Ayman Abu Hadid in the presence of the First  Dr Noha Adly, the Director of IT Infrastructure Sector Dr Hesham El Deeb and a number of leaders of both sides.

    The meeting followed up on the projects and the technological updates undertook by the Ministry of Communications in the agriculture sector to support the usage of the ICT tools in this vital sector to serve all stakeholders in Egypt.

    During the meeting, the main achievements resulting from  the joint protocol as well as the future projects that reflect the Ministryís requirements in the coming period were displayed. Participants also discussed the preparatory steps for signing the new protocol for this purpose.

    Both ministers, during the meeting, underlined that the first steps of the implementation of a number of significant agricultural projects already began.

    For example, there are the Automation of Agricultural Land Registration and the citizenís smart card connected to a national registration ID.

    These projects are meant to control the infringement of agricultural lands, guarantee the delivery of fertilizers to eligible beneficiaries and regularly follow-up on the cropping areas.

    Moreover, they make sure that small farmers receive the subsidized tools necessary for the production.

    Once finalized, they would facilitate the fertilizersí distribution through the governorateís different outlets. Furthermore, they would enlarge and facilitate the credit base in the field of agricultural investment.

    Mr Helmy and Dr Hadid stressed on the importance of establishing a digital map for agricultural lands outside the command area. This is through limiting the infringements and protecting State lands from abuse.

    This, in turn, necessitates regular comparison of satellitesí photos during different time periods, the collection of a basic map for Stateís properties, as well as establishing an information system and a geographic infringementsí database and finally, provide accurate data about landsí activities.

    The above measurements would come hand in hand with updating the administrative work at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reform, improving the work  system of the ministry and its affiliates, in addition to implementing a new mechanism to facilitate the communication with farmers and make guidance measurements easier.  

    On the other side, Mr Helmy also met with the Minister of Youth, Mr Khaled Abdel Aziz. During the meeting, they discussed the current situation for the implementation of the cooperation protocol signed by both ministries early this year.

    The protocol aimed at strengthening the human capacity building programs and supporting the spread of the Information Technology (IT) uses and its applications at the Ministry of Youth. This is through a number of pillars, such as the IT infrastructure and  applications, capacity building, ADSL and the societal dimension.

    The meeting held in the presence of executives from both ministries, showcased the achievements of projects affiliated to the protocol. Participants also tackled the main obstacles that prevent both sides to move on with achieving the common goals. 

    It was agreed to hold consecutive meetings to follow-up on the rhythmic implementation of the protocol and maximize benefits.

    The meeting came within the framework of implementing the national strategy of capacity building and informatics development at all levels. 

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