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    Technology Infrastructure Development Project Starts up

    Cairo, 23 May 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Atef Helmy and the Minister of Housing & Urban Development, Dr Tarek Wafik inaugurated today the first phase of the technology infrastructure development project for Egypt Mortgage Finance Support and Guarantee Fund affiliated to the Ministry of Housing.

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), accordingly, established an integrated controlling system of the mortgage finance procedures, that has brought a sigh of relief to the citizens applying for real estate loans.

    The system, at the same time, enables the control of the measures in relation with loans and follow-up on the repayment. It also ensures that the service is not offered to the same person twice.

    Moreover, it allows publishing reports quiet useful for the decision-makers. This is to uphold the values of quality, transparency, effectiveness of the procedures that the Fund run in this field.

    In this context, minister Helmy stressed on the importance of cooperation with all ministries, agencies and State bodies and on boosting the work system within these entities, through a strategic plan with clear methodologies, in order to shift towards the digital society, enhance the informatics capabilities of these entities and the IT skills of their employees and finally, improve the services offered to the citizens.

    Due to the fruitful results of the projectís first phase, both parties decided to continue cooperating in the same field. In this context, the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Housing (MoH) signed a new protocol for the implementation of the second phase of the project.

    This is to further strengthen the MoH informatics capabilities in a way to help respond to all citizensí requirements and make decisions on all levels in the right time.

    Signing the new protocol comes as part of the MCIT strategy for the coming stage, where the Ministry seeks to increase the local demand for the information technology companies, spread the IT uses in all State bodies and institutions in an attempt to improve the servicesí performance throughout its various levels and stages.
    The protocol that shall last for one year subject to renewal, aims in general to develop the  Fundís technology infrastructure.

    Accomplishing the mission relies on several pillars, first, developing the additional options of the automated system, in order to enable the registration and follow-up on the loans. Second, improving the performance of the administrative work by providing an integrated automated system to register and follow-up on the delegated tasks through all the management levels.

    Last but not least, the project implementation also depends on activating the open source initiative in a way that matches with the projectís goal.
    It depends, finally, on offering MCIT technical consultancy to the Fund in areas where specialists are available.

    Undertaking this mission shall occur in the cooperation with the leading technology development companies in Egypt.          

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