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    Youth Employment Seminar Launches

    Cairo , 19 May 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Atef Helmy along with the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Dr Osama Yassin launched today “Youth Employment Generation in Egypt”  seminar, in the presence of Japan’s ambassador to Egypt Mr Toshiro Suzuki.

    The conference comes within the framework of MCIT's strategy aiming to empower Egyptian youth, develop the skills of creativity and technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Organized by Egypt ICT-Trust Fund, an MCIT affiliate in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the conference sought to present the challenges and opportunities of small and medium industries, as well as youth employment at the national level.

    Among the attendees  were the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Egypt, Prof Anita Nirody, Secretary-General of the Social Fund for Development, Eng Ghada Wally, Regional Manager for Public Policies and Government Relations at Google Egypt, Eng Samir El Bahai, and Microsoft Egypt CSR Manager, Eng Ghada Khalifa.

    The conference addressed the role of the international engagement in cooperation with the private sector and civil society organizations for the implementation of the following three pillars: support of SMEs' owners, Youth Social Entrepreneurship, and Vocational and technical training and youth employment.

    At the end of the conference, awards were distributed to young people who participated and won in the two competitions: Tomouh for social entrepreneurship, and Kayanak for micro, small and medium enterprises.

    These two competitions fulfill the most important objectives of MCIT's policies, seeking to empower the social and economic development of the Egyptian society by using information technology tools.

    The Exhibition for Egyptian entrepreneurs and Small/Medium enterprises (SMEs) was held on the sidelines of the conference. It was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to display and present their ideas and products.

    It showed how they benefited from the training programs they have taken which included issues such as planning and management of business, online marketing, financial accounting, and in addition to a set of courses on windows applications.

    The exhibition also spread awareness on the most important and best services provided by the state and civil society to support entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises to empower young people to implement their ideas and projects.
    The Competitions
    1- Tomouh Competition for social entrepreneurship aims to promote and highlight the ideas of youth in the area of ICT applications and its role in providing appropriate technical solutions to the challenges and problems facing the community. it works on introducing the concept of entrepreneurship as a way to create real jobs made by the youth to meet the needs of the community in various areas.  

    First place went to "Made in Damietta" Project (by: Mohamed Siam - Mohamed Beheiry - Ahmed Nabil). The basic idea of the project is to create an interactive web portal for professional marketing, and provide a database for manufacturers and producers of furniture in Damietta.

    It also focuses on helping Damietta's manufacturers to reach local and international markets, as well as providing greater awareness on the importance of communication with customers in these markets, which contributes in improving and developing their products to meet the needs of these new markets.

    The second winning project was "Olha" (Say It) (by: Aly Moaness - Karim Ashraf - Ahmed Bahaa El Din Amar - Islam Mustafa Mohamed).

    It focuses on the production and provision of computer and mobile phones software to serve the special needs of deaf people by enabling them to deal with various modern technological tools, in addition to facilitating communication between them and the community.

    The third place went to the project "Clean Advertising" (by: Rania Mahmoud Omar - Omar Mahmoud Omar).

    The project addresses a new idea for advertising using street screens that will be done online by the advertiser. The program displays and nominates the suitable locations for advertising.

    The project assists in organizing the streets’ landscape and achieving  profit for the governorate or affiliated administrative entity through the exchange and dissemination of advertisements on those street screens.

    The fourth place went to the project titled "Pension Delivery" (by: Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa- Marwa Ahmed Mostafa- Abdul Rahman Abdul Karim- Maha Samir Ahmed- Marwa Fekry).

    It is designed to serve the elderly pensioners and provide them with facilitating services as pension home delivery, in addition to other services such as medicines and supplies.

    The final winning project is "Smart Communications Systems" (private mobile network using Wi-Fi)  (by: Aladdin Essam - Abdul Rahman Sayed - Abdul Hay Mohamed - Abdullah Saeed Mahran - Tarek Mohamed).

    The idea is to create a private network for wireless mobile phones with access in various institutions, to expanded and  cover the entire populated areas, thus reducing calls cost and improve their quality in areas that have no networks coverage.

    2-Kayanak competition for micro, small and medium industries came in the context of the continuous support provided to small and micro projects.

    The training program "Kayanak" presents valuable prizes for the winners of the competition who practically applied the acquired training programs on their websites that they created on the portal "Kenana Online". The application is done through:
    - Distinguished marketing website
    - Remarkable project photos
    - A collection of articles showcasing the project's services, products and means of purchasing as an example, and information on all aspects of the project.

    The first place went to “Computer Services office” project (by: Yasser Ghorab).
    It offers through its website http://kenanaonline.com/yassercomputer a lot of assistance to learn different applications and computer maintenance programs in Arabic.
    The second place went to "Shabab w Noss" magazine- http://shababwenos.com/, an electronic magazine with a diverse youth content carried out by a group of ambitious and enthusiast young people creating a new style of young electronic journalism in Egypt.

    Third place winner was "El Menha University for Online Learning"- http://kenanaonline.com/Guideyou, the first website that works as guidance for all the free educational opportunities on the internet.
    It also contains a special section called the employment section, featuring the best career opportunities available for free.

    The project "Assli Arabi" won the fourth place (http://kenanaonline.com/Tshirt2015bozo).
    It displays products such as mugs and t-shirts with various Arabic designs. Their marketing plan has no economic or political boundaries as the products are advertised on the internet.

    And finally, the last place went to the project "Ganna for Detergents" (http://kenanaonline.com/sabryelshrief).
    The website presents a vivid study of the detergents industry, its advantages and risks, and how to start a project, identify all products and the possibility to purchase them through the website.
    Exhibition of Egyptian Entrepreneurs
    A range of government entities contributed to the exhibition, in addition to civil society organizations supporting entrepreneurs and business owners. Their contributions varied whether by providing funds or marketing and technical consultancies.

    Those entities included Microsoft Egypt, Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and SME Development - affiliated to GAFI, the Social Fund for Development, Aga Khan Foundation, Plan Egypt, the House of Business Association that sponsors the competition of "Bader Egypt" for entrepreneurs, Dakahlia Association to Labor Market Services, and finally two of the youth projects that provide direct electronic services to entrepreneurs such as networking and technical support, "Yemkn - Reyada".

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