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    IT Companies Second Forum Launches

    Cairo, 16 May 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Atef Helmy witnessed today the commencing of the events of the second forum for IT companies, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in the presence of representatives of ministries and government bodies associated with MCIT through cooperation agreements.

    The forum builds on the events of the first one which was witnessed by a large number of ICT companies and civil society organizations, Etisal Association, Computers and Software Division, ICT chamber and representatives of SMEs in the field.

    During the forum, the next 5-year planned protocols and projects were discussed in detail, as well as explaining around 16 new protocols signed between MCIT and a number of ministries and official bodies with investments worth around 500 million Egyptian pounds.

    Furthermore, visions and ideas were proposed by companies and civil society organizations to implement projects in the near future through activating the partnership agreement between public and private sectors known as Public Private Partnership (PPP).

    This is accomplished through starting cooperation between both public and private sectors and finding new advanced mechanisms to fund new projects and invest in projects completed during the past few years, while designing unconventional economic models to develop and make utmost utilization of these projects.

    The meeting saw general discussions among attendees, coupled with presenting a number of successful experiments of similar projects conducted in other countries. These projects guarantee providing paid advanced services for beneficiary bodies and citizens, hence assuring the sustainability of those projects.

    Significant challenges which could hinder implementing these economic examples in Egypt were also reviewed.

    A number of 100 new Project posited aims primarily to develop domestic demand, in addition to improving services provided to citizens, cultivating skills of public sector’s staff and automating administrative systems of the State.

    The projects are represented in infrastructure, government cloud computing, government services shop and portal, improving and merging emergency services, progressing mechanisms to combat cybercrimes and activating mechanisms of supervision, transparency and corruption fighting.

    This is in addition to increasing efficiency and productivity of government staff, activating mobile services in public service projects, digital content management among other national projects target facilitating information for decision makers within ministries, as well as providing technological applications and suitable programs for each ministry based on their activities and targets.

    Moreover, there are also the processes of modernizing and maintaining equipment and networks and running digital security procedures and information systems among other services MCIT could provide in this context, as well as implementing human development and training programs necessary to adjust the system within ministries and various government bodies.

     The Director of IT Infrastructure Sector at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Dr Hesham El Deeb has invited companies and civil society organizations, in the coming period, to focus on activating the role of local  companies, particularly SMEs working under their umbrella in  tenders and projects offered by MCIT.

    The near future would witness numerous tenders to be offered and announced in the right time, whether related to infrastructure projects or to services and software projects, Dr El Deeb opined.

    The forum concluded its events with an agreement to issue a paper combining recommendations and new ideas to execute projects, coupled with new methods of funding to be announced soon after examination from technical and legal aspects with related bodies in collaboration with MCIT.

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