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    ICT Minister Showcases ICT Industry Competitive Advantages during Euromoney Egypt Conference 2018

    Cairo, 4 September 2018

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat participated in Euromoney Egypt Conference 2018, held on September 4-5, in Cairo, where he showcased— during a dialogue session led by the consulting editor for Euromoney Conferences in the MENA region Richard Banks— the competitive advantages of the ICT industry in Egypt.

    During the session, Talaat ascertained that Egypt enjoys many advantages that increase the competitiveness of the ICT industry, including the availability of an attractive investment system and a number of laws that will help build confidence among investors and those involved in the industry, in addition to the availability of technologically enabled calibers and competitive operating costs.

    In this context, Talaat highlighted the distinguished opportunities that Egypt has, in attracting investments in the field of big data center industry, especially with the efforts exerted to create a legislative environment that aims to achieve a balance between securing data and preserving privacy via issuing laws on combating cybercrimes and protecting personal data. He pointed out that this industry will create new and distinct jobs in the field of data science and analysis.

    The ICT Minister ascertained that the Egyptian market is a promising market in light of the current indicators on the number of Internet and mobile services subscribers, and the increasing investments of those working in the ICT sector, which is evidence of their confidence in the sector. He stated that work is currently underway to increase Egypt's exports of digital services through entering foreign markets, especially the African market.

    Responding to a question on the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Talaat reviewed the strategy pillars that include developing the ICT sector to achieve an increase in the growth rates of the sector and increase its contribution to GDP from 3.1% to 5% within three years and working in parallel to enable all the State’s sectors and ministries to achieve digital transformation.

    In this context, Talaat reviewed the most important projects implemented during the current stage to achieve the transition to digital society; enable citizens to use technology tools; and build their confidence in the digital system. One of these important projects is the integrated database project in cooperation with various ministries and the State’s agencies, aiming at building a technological system that provides integrated and accurate databases and ensures that support reaches those who deserve it. He, also, ascertained that a pilot project for digital transformation is being implemented in Port Said to provide all services to citizens electronically.

    The ICT Minister also discussed MCIT keenness to equip and qualify Egyptian calibers and supporting innovation in advanced technological fields. He reviewed the efforts exerted to develop the communications infrastructure to keep abreast of the technological developments in the world and ensure the quality of communication and Internet services provided to citizens. He pointed out that work is currently underway in implementing a project aiming to installing fiber optic cables in schools within the framework of the plan to develop the school system using ICTs.

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