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    Dr. Kamel Witnesses Signing of Protocols on Supporting Alex Chamber of Commerce Activities via ICT

    Alexandria, 27 July 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel together with Alexandria Governor General Adel Labib witnessed today the signing of a number of cooperation protocols between Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.
    Based on the signed agreements, a number of projects will be established for supporting the commercial activities of Alexandria Chamber of Commerce via the use of information and communications technology (ICT) tools.
    First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT Dr. Hoda Baraka and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Wakil co-signed the agreements.
    The cooperation between MCIT and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce dates back to 2001 following the foundation of the chamber's information service, the first phase of the information database of the commerce chambers and their general union, the Technology Club at the Alexandria chamber and the provision of ICDL to its members.
    Due to the success model of cooperation between the two entities, four protocols were signed to carry out the following projects:
    1. The upgrade of 50 communication centers in Alexandria to operate as community service centers: The development of the centers will be based on three tracks.

    The first track is the technological infrastructure, providing computers, printers, internet connection and a local network.

    The second track determines a number of services the centers will offer as agreed with the entities providing the services.

    The third is the human resource development track, offering training on IT basics and how to provide different services to the employees at the centers while making use of the Tradesmen Academy in the training process.

    2. A geographic information unit equipped with all programs and devices will be established at Alexandria Chamber of Commerce in addition to an integrated geographic database of Alexandria for people dealing with the chamber. A geographic portal will be built to dynamically show all data and reports of the chamber.
    3. A skill development project for 1000 retail tradesmen in Alexandria will be implemented under the name Tradesmen Academy for training tradesmen on basic IT skills and management. A training lab will be established at the chamber and will be equipped with the required technological infrastructure in addition to qualifying 10 trainers to work for the chamber.

    4. A project on spreading the information database of commerce chambers at the Alex chamber's new premises. This project will maximize services quality offered to tradesmen and facilitate services offering through any branch. An information unit equipped with all devices and a network will be established to automate the major activities of the chamber and spread its services over all its branches. The chamber's employees will be trained on the new database and its application.  

    The above projects are expected to support the development of retail and SMEs sector in Alexandria and build up success models through the cooperation with the civil society organizations.

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