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    Egypt Hosts, Chairs 21st Meeting of Council of Arab Ministers of Communication and Information

    Cairo, 4 December 2017

    Egypt chaired, today, the 21st Meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communication and Information, where the Director General of UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Hamad Al Mansoori handed over the chairmanship of the council current session meeting to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady, since Egypt hosts this significant Arab event in Cairo.

    In his speech, ElKady hailed the role of the Council, as one of the main pillars in making the decisions required to develop the Arab telecommunications sector. He underscored the need for Arab coordination during the next stage, to prepare a unified Arab position during the Plenipotentiary Conference—due to be held in October 2018 in UAE— regarding the election of each of the five top positions of the ITU, members of the ITU Council and members of the Radio Regulations Board.

    ElKady also highlighted the need for cooperation and coordination to combat cybercrime in light of extremist organizations’ increasing use of modern technologies and the Internet to spread the culture of violence and terrorism. He, also, seconded the Arab coordination during the year in this regard and the Arab initiatives adopted during the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-17), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October, referring to the need to take all possible Arab measures to ensure providing the necessary support.

    The ICT Minister also highlighted the role played by the ICT sector in the process of sustainable development in bringing about a significant change in lifestyle at all levels in order to achieve an integrated digital society model in cooperation with different sectors in the country under the knowledge economy. He added that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) cooperates with many Arab countries in the field of ICT within an integrated framework to transfer expertise and exchange knowledge and make this region an international hub for the provision of ICT services.

    In its current session, the Council discussed a number of topics of mutual Arab interest, including the results of the meeting of the Arab Permanent Postal Commission (APPC) and the Arab Permanent Committee for Telecommunications, and the achievements of the working groups of the two committees, as well as issues related to the Internet governance.

    The meetings focused on highlighting a number of topics of common Arab interest, such as cybersecurity, combating crime and terrorism on the Internet, and empowering People with Disabilities (PwDs) through the use of ICTs. This will create job opportunities for Arab youth in this significant field and contributes to reducing unemployment, in addition to supporting Arabic digital content.

    The Arab meetings are important platforms for presenting the most important joint documents and an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in the Arab region. A number of recommendations are adopted to intensify coordination at the Arab level on the topics raised during international conferences related to the ICT sector.

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