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    SECC Celebrates the Issuance of the First Library Automation System Documentation Edition

    Cairo, 4 June 2005

    On the occasion of launching the first documentation edition of the library automation system, MCITís Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) will hold a seminar Monday, June 6, at the Smart Village titled "ntegrated Library Automation Systems, Technical and Functional Specifications - Testing and Authentication."

    MCIT has adopted this operation to develop libraries and information centers, which represent a huge sector of the societyís institutions, and effectively make use of their potentials. This can lead to mechanisms guaranteeing the commitment of the sector comprising libraries and information centers based on international standards and criteria while adapting them to the latest technologies, whether those related to preparation and implementation methods or the fields these technologies are applied on.

    The project on conducting a study through the SECC started cooperatively with the Center for Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) in May 2004. A working group was formed, comprising of a number of great experts in libraries and information centers, to prepare a paper on the technical and functional specifications of this sector, and they issued the integrated library automation system documentation. This documentation is considered a major instructional tool for those in charge of libraries and information utilities who wish to possess an electronic system, besides being a main source of information related to library automated systems, which students and researchers look forward to.

    On the other hand, this documentation will help support the national companies working on the development of automation systems according to the technical and functional specifications fitting the actual needs of libraries. It will also contribute to the development of these products and guarantee support and maintenance of these systems, not just depending on foreign products. Additionally, such documentation can act as a motive to encourage national companies to innovate and penetrate external markets.

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