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    SECC a Strategic Sponsor for Agile Egypt 2009

    Date published: 23 November 2009

    Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) organized cooperatively with Santéon, a business process management technology company, on the 8th of November the event “Agile Egypt 2009 – The Reality of Agile & CMMI”.

    The goals behind organizing Agile Egypt 2009 were increasing awareness about Agile software development in Egypt, introducing a new approach to process improvement to the Egyptian software market, presenting a new set of concepts, and practices that will compliment the CMMI initiative in Egypt, and presenting small and medium businesses that are not yet ready for CMMI with a software development process that will provide them with discipline and increase their efficiency.

    SECC Chairman Dr. Gamal Mohamed Ali noted that the event aimed to boost the standard of the Egyptian software industry and companies to achieve a leading status in the international outsourcing market.

    The event presented new concepts and practices that are likely to add to the CMMI initiative in Egypt. It also discussed how to support small and medium-sized companies which are not qualified in the time being to acquire CMMI.

    A number of participant Egyptian companies demonstrated objective studies and practical reports on the experiences they went through when applying Agile and CMMI and how they raised their performance. Amongst these companies was Raya Holding, which co-sponsored the event.

    The event was also sponsored by: Fineserv Group, Agile Institute, Egypt's Information Technology Institute (ITI), Microsoft Egypt, Industrial Logic, Solutions IQ and VirsionOne.

    Hillel Glazer, author of the official SEI white paper contributed in the event as a keynote speaker.

    In addition, Dr. Ahmed Sidky, the godfather of Agile in the Middle East took part in the event. Along with many years of experience in software development, Dr. Sidky has a Ph.D. in value-based process frameworks for effective agile adoption.

    During the conference the Agile Software Gathering of Egypt (ASGE) was announced. ASGE is a group of IT professionals who meet on a monthly basis to exchange expertise and information about Agile methods.

    SECC, an affiliate of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), successfully organized Agile Egypt 2008 in cooperation with X2 Consulting. It was the first of its kind in the Middle East.

    SECC has been a strategic partner of US-based Software Engineering Institute (SEI) since 2006. SEI has licensed SECC to provide consulting and evaluation services to help improve quality in the international software industry with the exception of the United States.

    SECC is authorized to offer CMMI services for SCAMPI Formal Appraisal as well as training on CMMI. The center offers training programs on Personal Software Process and Team Software Process all over the world except for the US.

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