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    Egypt National Cyber Security -CTF Final Round Kicks off in Cairo

    Date published: 22 April 2017
    CyberTalents organized the final round of Egyptís National Cyber Security- Capture the Flag Competition (CTF) on April 22 in Cairo, Egypt, under the auspices of Trend Micro. It is a cybersecurity competition where participants demonstrate their technical ability in the cybersecurity field. The Competition provides the highest cash prizes for winning teams.

    Participants presented their ideas through teams; each team had a list of challenges in different categories like reverse engineering, web security, digital forensics, network security and others. For every challenge solved, teams got a number of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The team who got the highest score at the end of the day was announced winner and attained a cash prize of 100,000 Egyptian pounds. Four to five members from the first three teams are given an opportunity to be selected by CyberTalents to represent Egypt in an international CTF Competition in Japan in November 2017.

    The Competition aimed at attracting talented university students and graduates in the field of information security, given the skills shortage in the local labor market. It aimed to link the talented and creative young people and specialists in the field of information security with major companies. The "Capture the Flag" competition is a good opportunity for talented people and professionals to showcase their talents and skills.

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