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    Egypt Participates in the Fourth Meeting of the "Memory of the Arab World Project"

    Date published: 15 July 2009

    The Center for Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) will participate in the Fourth Meeting of the "Memory of the Arab World Project" during the period from 17-19 July, 2009 in Fez, Morocco.

    This year's conference hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco is organized by CULTNAT, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, Al Andalus Foundation, and other Moroccan institutions including the Council of the Moroccan Community living Abroad (CCME), and the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco.

    Representatives of 22 Arab countries will participate in the conference, in addition to major international entities and organizations worldwide.

    The Fourth conference of the Memory of the Arab World will be concerned with displaying the accomplishment of the recently created content that is to be placed on the electronic gateway of the www.memoryarabworld.net in terms of databases dealing with several aspects of Arab Heritage and entailing tangible and intangible forms of heritage such as manuscripts, musical heritage, folklore, architectural heritage, photographic heritage among other forms.

    This is aside to the publication of two bibliographies concerned with architectural and manuscript heritage, as well as, the release of the second edition of the directory of associations and entities specialized in the field of documenting Arabic heritage.

    There will be also a preliminary model established for the electronic gateway of Arab Heritage which should be launched on the worldwide web in both English and Arab languages following the culmination of the fourth conference.

    The gateway will be designed and divided into 3 main categories according to the following: Map of the Arab World, Databases, and shared timelines linking specific historic ages within the Arab region.  

    The Egyptian participation in this event will be marked by a high level delegation from CULTNAT topped by Prof. Fathi Saleh, Director of Center for Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage, Mrs. Eglal Bahgat, Senior Deputy Director of the center and member of the executive committee of the project, and Dr. Mohamed El-Sharkawy, director of the Memory of the Arab World Project.

    The high level delegation also includes officials such as Rear Admiral Mr. Nader Hafez, Deputy Minister of Culture, Dr. Mohammed Saber Arab, Chairman of the Board of the National Library and Archives of Egypt, and Dr. Refat Hilal Chairman of the Board Archives of Egypt.

    The event will also be attended by representatives of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, (ISESCO), The Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), The Arab Towns Organization (ATO), The permanent Committee of Arab Culture, Deputy Ministers of Culture, as well as, representatives from various organizations concerned with Arab Culture, nonetheless, the Eissa Cultural Center from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Tarim Center for Architecture and Heritage in Syria, and the Library of Al-Azhar Mosque of Egypt.

    The Memory of the Arab World is essentially a regional Arabian project initiated in July of 2007 and extends over a period of four years. The project primarily aims to link all of the regional efforts made in order to preserve the collective memory of the region.

    This is through adopting the latest forms of ICT technologies to date, hence, facilitating its dissemination on the worldwide web for greater public outreach and educating the future generations about the heritage of the region.

    The first conference held by the executive committee of the Memory of the Arab World Project was held in the city of Sharjah, of the United Arab Emirates in 2007, followed by the second conference held in Damascus, Syria, and finally, the third conference held in Janurary of 2009 at CULTNAT premises in Cairo, Egypt and attended by representative of the Permanent committee of Arab Culture.

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