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    ITI Organizes MDW 2017

    Date published: 13 April 2017

    The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is organizing the Mobile Developer Weekend (MDW) 2017 under the theme “Beyond Connectivity” on April 20-22 at ITI premises, Smart Village, gathering mobile app ecosystem key players, developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

    The event aims at exploring latest apps, products, technologies, startups, business and opportunities in the mobile world. It provides attendees with opportunities to enroll in different hands-on interactive workshops and hackathons, join competitions and win prizes.

    Throughout the sessions, participants will get acquainted with the latest trends in the mobile world such as 4G opportunities, mobile security, market trends and opportunities, virtual reality and augmented reality, cognitive computing and data extraction, user experience in mobile applications, m-health and health care, m-learning, wearable programming and agility in software development.

    Hands-on workshops will be organized on native app development, cross platform development, wearable app development, mobile app testing, architecture concepts, mobile backend, cloud computing, cognitive computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, agility and m-learning.

    In a thrilling environment, participants in MDW2017 will have the opportunity to engage in a competitive setup to work on software projects and develop creative and innovative solutions in different kinds of hackathons that run over a three-day course. The first day is designed for training and preparation, and the last day is intended for judging the different projects developed. The best ideas will win valuable prizes from sponsors.

    The event will feature the Booming Business Before 2020 (BBB20) Entrepreneurship Pavilion that will bring together the best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and corporations from the mobile ecosystem.

    A live exhibition designed for the top latest mobile gadgets and technology trends, High Tech Gadgets Studio is a gathering of a large pool of innovative, creative and talented minds to celebrate technology inventions. Pioneering industry stakeholders showcase their cutting-edge products whereby MDW dynamic participants are invited to use them and learn more about the future of the mobile world and get featured in this adventurous gadget world.

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