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    History in the Making: (.masr) instead of (.com)

    Date published: 6 May 2010

    Dr. Kamel: The internet now speaks Arabic

    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched the first worldwide internet domain name using Arabic letters to try to boost e-services and the number of people online in the most populous Arab nation.

    Dr. Kamel has declared that three Egyptian companies,  were the first to receive registrar licenses for the '.masr' domain, written in Arabic.

    "Introducing Arabic domain names is a milestone in internet history," Dr. Tarek Kamel said. "This great step will open up new horizons for e-services in Egypt. It will boost the number of online users in the country and will enable internet services to penetrate new market segments by eliminating language barriers," he added.

    ICANN's senior director for internationalised domain names, Tina Dam, told BBC News that this has been "the most significant day" since the launch of the internet, adding that "it's been a very big day for ICANN, more so for the three Arabic countries that were the first to be introduced"

    The system was re-set on Wednesday  May 5 th, 2010 to recognize non-Latin characters in the domain areas of internet browsers, according to Middle East regional manager for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ó the agency that regulates internet domain names, Baher Esmat.

    The tradition of ending the websites with (.com), even for the Arabic websites, has now changed, to be (.masr) instead. The introduction of IDN Top Level Domains is an exciting proposition for the Arabic community as it provides new opportunities for Arabic speaking web users, along with Arab companies to properly express their identities, in Arabic, for the first time.

    Disclaimer:You may see a mangled string of letters and numbers, and perhaps some percent signs or a couple of "xn--"s mixed into the address bar.

    Please visit: „śřŕ.ś“«—…-«Š« ’«Š«« .„’—

    Learn More: How to setup your browser for the new arabic domain names

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