4 Jul 2020

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    SECC Establishes Egyptian Software Testing Board

    Date published: 2 September 2009

    Software Engineering Certification Center (SECC), an affiliate of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), recently announced the foundation of Egyptian Software Testing Board (ESTB).
    ESTB is entitled to certify and authenticate software testing practices based on the criteria and standards of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). 
    ESTB was established in a bid to meet the sector's need as well as create the changes the industry requires. ESTB aims to facilitate and follow up the required steps for IT professionals to acquire the most professional certified testers authenticated from ISTQB.
    The independent board will also work on supporting and facilitating the certification of specialized training centers that are likely to offer training courses following the ISTQB certified programs.
    ITIDA and SECC adopted the idea of founding ESTB. ITIDA offers technical and logistical support to ESTB, acting like a legal entity. On the other hand, SECC provides technical support without any interference by the two parties in the board decisions.
    SECC Chairman Dr. Gamal Mohamed Ali noted that ESTB is an independent committee supervised by a 10-member special board representing the private sector, academia and IT experts. The board held its first meeting in July 2009, discussing the upcoming activities of ESTB.   
    Dr. Ali added that ESTB had officially joined ISTQB in May 2009. The board, he said, will perform software testing activities through organizing meetings, developing materials of courses, publishing research studies and communicating with local and international organizations.
    According to Dr. Gamal, one of the purposes of forming ESTB is to build the capacity and competence of Egyptian IT calibers, especially in software testing.
    ESTB enhances the professional criteria for software testing in Egypt and creates a specialized, distinguished profession that has a promising career path. Such a target can be achieved through raising awareness about the importance of this field and building the skills of human resources in this domain.
    Training will be based on the same curricula and guidelines adopted and accredited by ISTQB, which are applied in all ISTQB member countries across the world.
    The curricula are divided into two levels: a foundation level and an advanced one. Materials were prepared by ISTQB work groups.    

    Established in November 2002, Edinburgh, the UK, ISTQB is the most reputable and largest global non-profit organization in Software Testing. It operates in more than 41 countries. ISTQB's role is to support a single, universally accepted, international qualification scheme aimed at software and system testing by providing the core syllabus and setting guidelines for the examination of IT professionals.

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