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    Egypt Engages in Dialogue on Multilingualism and Internet Diversity in IGF 2008

    Date published: 15 December 2008
    A high-level official Egyptian delegation participated in the third meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) convened from 3-6 December 2008 in Hyderabad, India.

    During the meeting, Egypt received the chairmanship of the IGF as Egypt will host the fourth IGF meeting in 2009.

    With an overall concept of "Internet for all", the forum provided a space for dialogue in which some 1,300 participants from over 100 countries attended. The forum addressed five main themes: reaching the next billion Internet users; promoting cyber-security and trust; managing critical Internet resources and taking stock and emerging issues – the Internet of tomorrow.

    Open meetings, panel discussions and thematic workshops involving presentations and debates were held to discuss specific issues and share best practices.

    The Egyptian delegation comprised senior officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA).

    Egypt participated in a panel session entitled "Realizing a Multilingual Internet," held under the workshop "Reaching the Next Billion." The session discussed issues related to multilingualism and diversity for the internet of today and that of the future as it is expanded to the next billion(s) users.

    IGF 2008 further focused on the issues of access, diversity, openness, security and managing critical Internet resources.

    The theme of access includes infrastructure, connectivity and the role of the government and private sector to improve access for all. Issues of diversity and openness cover promoting local content, cultural diversity, the number of languages used on the Internet and access by marginalized groups such as indigenous people and persons with disabilities. Cyber-security, safety of the internet and cyber-crime combat were also central issues discussed at the Forum.

    The Internet Governance Forum is an outcome of the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which took place in 2005.
    The two previous meetings of the Forum were held in Greece in November 2006 and in Brazil in November 2007.

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