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    MCIT Holds Panel Discussion on eLearning in Egyptian Universities

    Date published: 22 July 2020

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) held a panel discussion titled “eLearning in Egyptian Universities: Opportunities and Challenges,” on July 22, via Webex. The panel discussion was held during the closing of the first phase of the training programs and projects carried out in Aswan University by the eLearning Competence Center (ELCC), an affiliated center of the Central Department for Community Development at MCIT.
    The panel discussion assessed the experience of using eLearning systems in university education and dealing with the challenges of the next phase, to ensure their efficiency in Egyptian universities.
    This comes within the framework of MCIT keenness to achieve the digital transformation and cooperate with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in developing the ICT infrastructure at Egyptian universities, especially with the growing need to rely on distance learning systems, leverage ICT in education and introduce an integrated eLearning system.
    This is achieved through a number of pillars, including producing and developing an educational e-content for the international standards of e-content quality, and creating educational e-platforms to manage and publish developed e-content. These platforms will facilitate remote communication between faculty members, administrative staff and students.
    More pillars include qualifying and training faculty members and students on using the e-platforms, as well as training those managing the educational platforms, e-content creators and staff of eLearning centers at Egyptian universities and the Supreme Council of Universities.
    ELCC was founded in 2004, by virtue of a cooperation agreement between MCIT and Cisco Systems. It is a national leading organization in e-Learning, with a track record of developing and delivering a wide array of state-of-the art e-Learning courses, web communications and e-content; setting and disseminating the quality standards of e-Learning; and providing best practice research and expert consultancy in e-Learning.

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