13 Aug 2020

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    MCIT Launches Financial Accounting Skills for Craftswomen Training Program within Qodwa-Tech

    Date published: 8 July 2020
    The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in collaboration with Microsoft Egypt and Care Egypt Foundation (CEF), launched the Financial Accounting Skills for Craftswomen training program, on July 7, using distance learning applications, as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for womens empowerment.
    The program is within the framework of fulfilling the initiative objectives, including building the capacities of entrepreneur craftswomen through a set of training programs in entrepreneurship, small-scale project management, digital marketing and ICT empowerment.
    The training is tailored to meet the needs of the female entrepreneurs who joined the training program on social media marketing skills, as they will keep receiving support and follow-up through different training services based on the actual needs of the target groups to make the most of the training content.
    The program is delivered by a number of Microsoft-certified trainers. It targets training women on the basics of account management for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and managing work smartly using Microsoft Office applications.
    Female entrepreneurs are also trained on teamwork means to obtain creative ideas from information charts and contribute to decision making in a way that provides different new opportunities to access the business market, professionally, and support the Egyptian economy in the handicrafts industry.

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