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    MCIT Organizes Online Training for Female Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing

    Date published: 12 April 2020

    The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing a training program for female entrepreneurs on social media marketing skills, using interactive live streaming applications (online), as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative, on April 12-23.

    This comes within the framework of MCIT strategic vision that focuses on leveraging technology, effectively and sustainably, for community development and capacity building. MCIT is also keen on supporting different development initiatives, especially Qodwa-Tech, and investing different technology tools that have proven effective in attaining development goals and bringing about the required social change.

    The program involves using the latest online training applications, as technological solutions are now used to carry out the initiative activities, given the hard times Egypt and the whole world are going through.

    Through online training, participants will not have to bear any travel burdens. In addition, the training time has been set to suit the participants’ schedule and circumstances.

    The training targets developing craftswomen’s skills in digital marketing on social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The aim is to help them market their projects more effectively through complete marketing plans.

    The program includes a number of topics, including marketing definition, the development of marketing tools, the cost-benefit analysis, marketing using digital and social media and e-commerce websites, managing advertising and e-marketing strategies.

    Qodwa-Tech aims to empower women economically and socially, and enhance their digital inclusion. This is in addition to building their capacities and qualifying them through training programs that help meet their economic and social needs, using ICT.

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