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    ITIDA Launches ‘Export IT’ 10th Round

    Date published: 19 February 2020
    The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has launched the 10th round of “Export IT” program for encouraging and supporting local IT companies to develop their resources, enhance their competitiveness and reduce their export costs.

    ITIDA invited the companies to apply for the program through its website, before March 12. It provides qualified companies with an export support amounting to 50% of the added value of export earnings achieved in 2018, after supporting the companies participating in the program for the first time and companies operating in governorates other than Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.

    According to the acceptance criteria set by ITIDA, applying companies must be based in Egypt, with an Egyptian ownership exceeding 50%. Companies must also specialize in exporting ICT services, including software development, ICT, integrated software and IT empowerment services, such as call centers and IT consultation and training.

    Statistics of the previous round show that software, mobile application development and technical support services were the most exported, making 40% of the total Egyptian exports. In the second place came outsourcing and call center services, at 31%, followed by digital marketing services, at 7%. This was according to the data of export earnings of local companies participating in the previous round.

    Export IT was first launched in 2010. ITIDA, through the program, managed to support more than 185 local companies with around EGP 350 million. The program contributed to increasing the size of IT exports, with the total revenue reaching EGP 6.2 billion.

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