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    Export-IT Program Sixth Edition Concludes

    Date published: 22 September 2016

    The Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA) has announced the conclusion of the sixth edition of Export-IT Program 2015, where 97 out of 111 ICT exporting services companies earned 39.5 million Egyptian pounds. The program is part of ITIDA role in supporting ICT companies to penetrate foreign markets and boost their exports in those markets.

    The current edition of the program witnessed a remarkable registration from 180 ICT companies with various technological products and services, including software development services, ICT services, exports of electronics companies, application development services and IT-enabled services such as services of call centers, consulting and training in IT areas, as well as embedded software.

    In addition to the program's role in monitoring and analyzing financial data on revenues generated from ICT services and products exports, it also aims to consolidate a significant economic principle; namely, the need to adjust the market mechanism and performance to allow ICT companies to work within the economy’s official system and the growth of the Gross National Product (GNP) as a whole.

    It Export Program launched its first edition in 2010, and more than 140 ICT companies managed to get a subsidy of an estimated 190 million Egyptian pounds over the past five years. The total exports of Egyptian companies participating in the program amounted to about 3.8 billion pounds.

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