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    Fourth Cybersecurity Summit to Hold in Silicon Valley

    Date published: 18 September 2016
    The Fourth Cybersecurity Summit will be hosted by Munich Security Conference (MSC) and Deutsche Telekom, in Silicon Valley, California, USA, on September 19 – 20.

    By hosting the Cyber Security Summit, MSC and Deutsche Telekom aim to provide a platform for a joint, cross-sectoral debate on the options available for coping with current and future challenges. Participants will discuss devising strategies and solutions in order to deal with the various threats in cyberspace.

    Agenda topics will include cyber defense, the future of warfare, developing standards and regulations for cyberspace, combating cyber terrorism and the economic ramifications of cybersecurity.

    The fourth Cybersecurity Summit aims to provide consultations on the international stage and conduct open discussions regarding cyber-attacks that do not stop at national borders. It also aims to provide close collaboration and set the conditions for an Internet that is free, secure and open, which matter tremendously for businesses, strategists and society as a whole.

    The event will bring together representatives from various sectors in Silicon Valley to discuss how they can effectively counter the growing threats from cyberspace while also strengthening the factors that underpin a free and open web. Around 100 senior representatives from science, politics, business and the military will meet to debate current challenges in cyberspace.

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