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    TE Signs 4G License Agreement

    Date published: 31 August 2016

    The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and Telecom Egypt (TE) signed, today, a license agreement to establish and operate the fourth generation (4G) networks for mobile phone, valued at 7.08 billion Egyptian Pounds. The signing ceremony took place at NTRA Smart Village premises, and was attended by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady, NTRA officials, and TE officials and BoD.

    The license agreement was signed by NTRA Acting Executive President Mustafa Abdel Wahed and TE CEO Tamer Gadallah. The new license allows TE to provide 4G services, using new frequencies.

    NTRA has approved the regulatory framework of the Egyptian telecommunication market, including the 4G services. Its primary objective is to allow all mobile operators to offer the same services to end users.

    Introducing the 4G technology in mobile services will contribute to increasing Internet speed, improving the quality of the current service and providing new services for the benefit of citizens. Moreover, introducing TE as a new mobile operator to the Egyptian market will contribute to benefiting citizens in terms of quality of services and prices. This is in addition to providing revenue to the public treasury of the state and creating new jobs.

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