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    Qodwa.Tech Initiative Launched during Cairo ICT 2019

    Date published: 3 December 2019

    The Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) launched Qodwa.Tech initiative to empower Egyptian women, during the opening session of the 23rd edition of Cairo ICT, held under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the presence of the ICT Minister Amr Talaat. The initiative is within the framework of implementing a leading development model to enhance the technological capabilities of Egyptian women.

    The Department is participating in the four-day event, showcasing, through a pavilion, a number of its projects that aim to develop human resources and hone their skills using ICT.

    Qodwa.Tech targets 2000 female artisans and entrepreneurs, to help develop their products and enhance their technological skills, to access global markets and promote their handicraft products using modern technologies, thus helping them find better jobs and create a better life.

    The Department is also showcasing the community knowledge platform Kenanaonline which aims to transform knowledge and experience in Arabic to digital content through a large number of specialized portals and websites.

    The platform encompasses a number of digital applications that target harnessing knowledge to benefit all segments of society. One of the most prominent applications is “Managing Agriculture Knowledge through Localized Community Expert System”. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to transform agricultural knowledge of academics and experts, using knowledge engineering, into a specialized digital guide for solving agriculture problems.

    This is in addition to launching a number of mobile applications for partner institutions in enriching the knowledge content on community knowledge platforms, to achieve content sustainability and reach all beneficiaries.

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