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    MCIT Holds Safer Internet Day Ceremony in Behira

    Date published: 25 February 2016
    The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCIT), represented by the National Committee of the Children Online Protection (COP) and Internet Safe Use Program, will hold a celebration on the occasion of Safer Internet Day on February 27 in one of Behira’s schools, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, and in partnership with COP members and other international entities including the ITU Arab Regional Office and UNICEF.

    The celebration is in the context of the European Union celebration of the international Safer Internet Day held annually in February of every year along with Insafe and ITU Child Online Protection (COP) initiative, in which Egypt has been taking part for a number of years. The celebration will be held under this year’s international theme “Play your part for a better Internet”, to integrate all stakeholders and intensify their efforts for making the Internet better and safer for children and young people.

    The celebration aims at raising children’s awareness (in primary and preparatory stages) by providing scientific material in the form of games and activities. Awareness sessions for parents will be held throughout the day. Targeted number of audience is expected to reach 250 persons including children, parents and teachers.

    Students participating in the day will be awarded the title of “Safer Internet Day Ambassador”, and they will be granted a virtual passport including their data. During the year, students will receive a stamp or signature from the school’s administration every time they lead an awareness activity.

    The celebration day will comprise an educational session that focuses on the new content adopted during the year, discussing privacy and new communications means. The day also targets to raise awareness and learning via gamification which facilitates communicating an awareness message to children. Two training sessions at the end of the day will be held, one of them under Microsoft auspices on software and Internet safe use, and the other one is under IBM auspices on mobile software.

    Celebrating Safer Internet Day started eleven years ago as a European Union and Insafe network initiative in the European states. In 2009, committees were formed in countries to strengthen ties amongst them and facilitate cooperation on online safety issues. Over the years, celebration crossed boundaries of the European Union; the day which used to be celebrated in 14 countries is now celebrated in 90 countries worldwide.

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