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    ITIDA Announces Start of Next Coders Training Program

    Date published: 9 July 2019
    The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced the acceptance result and the launching of Next Coders training program grant. The program received 2,959 applications from 616 schools nationwide, 1,675 of which met the selection criteria. Only 1,299 students were accepted to join the program’s first round. The number of female students who applied for the program reached 401, making up 31% of the total number of applicants.

    In addition, the number of accepted students from Arabic public schools reached 698, making up 53.7% of the total number of applicants, from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schools reached 336 (25.8%), and from experimental language schools, reached 265, (20.4%).

    Exceptional students who scored over 90% in Mathematics and English, uploaded their credentials on the grant website and met the selection criteria, including having prerequisite training, computer and IT background, were accepted for the program.

    Next Coders is one of the Next Technology Leaders (NTL) presidential initiative programs. The free program targets providing training to 5,000 exceptional secondary-school first-year students on the fundamentals of programming “Learn to Code”, and provides them with accredited certificates by Udacity international platform.

    Moreover, students who successfully complete the learning track are provided an international certificate, in addition to a cash prize worth EGP 1,000 for each student and a chance to win the programming league competition award held nation-wide.

    The three-month program provides training on a number of web design languages, including HTML, CSS, Python programming language, and the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm through Python. This is in addition to introducing different programming languages through providing a training content comprising videos and projects reviewed by Udacity reviewers.

    The program provides a forum for students all over the world to help them harness different expertise, and provides them an opportunity to hold meetings with Udacity platform reviewers at the beginning of the training.

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