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    Egypt Post Launches New e-Services

    Date published: 7 July 2019

    Egypt Post has launched a number of new e-services to facilitate financial transactions and online shopping for citizens.

    These new services include launching EasyPay card that facilitates online shopping. It can be purchased and recharged through 4,000 postal service centers available nationwide. EasyPay mobile app has also been activated, through which one can pay bills and university fees, transfer money, pay and receive money electronically. Through the app, the customer scans the QR code provided by the vendor, and pays directly to the latterís account.

    In addition, Easy Box service has been launched. Customers owning a small or micro-sized trade or industrial business can request delivery of a package inside Egypt through any of Egypt Post service centers, requesting Collection of Cash on Delivery (COD). A runner from Egypt Post delivers the package and collects the requested amount of money from the recipient through the latterís e-payment card using EasyPay Point of Sale (POS) service; the sender then receives an SMS as a confirmation that the requested amount has been deposited in his Egypt Post account.

    Moreover, Egypt Post had made Biometric Automated Teller Machines (ATM) available. Citizens, through these machines, can perform various financial transactions, like cash withdrawal, deposit, money transfer, and other services, smoothly, by using their fingerprint instead of the bank card. This is in addition to the Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) that provide faster access to banking services. Instead of resorting to the bank employee, customers, through ITMs, can video chat with the bank customer services employees, perform different transactions, including cash withdrawal, deposit, and issue new cards.

    Egypt Post service centers, also, provide a number of services. When customers receive or deliver post, or packages to the employee in charge, they can, as well, perform a variety of government and financial services, including cash deposit, withdrawal, and swift transfers. This is in addition to paying bills, recharging electricity smart cards, paying online shopping cost, and recharging mobile phones.

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