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    IGF Consultancy Committee Members Announced

    Date published: 19 May 2015

    The members of the Consultancy Committee for the Internet Governance Forum are finally selected in line with the announcement issued by the League of Arab States and the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) on 2 February 2015, regarding the re-formulation of the Consultancy Committee for the Internet Governance Forum and accepting new applications for the membership of the committee.

    The League of Arab States and ESCWA evaluated submitted applications to select the best candidates that guarantee a balanced representation among stakeholders to maximize benefits from the previous expertise in the committee mission and allow introducing new ones, taking into consideration geographical balances, diversity of expertise and entities and gender equality.

    The official nominations of Arab governments were all accepted. Allowing one candidate for each country is to give a chance for other countries which did not represent any candidates till the moment to designate their own candidacy.

    More opportunities are available for those who were not selected as members of the committee through presenting papers to meetings, or participating at open meetings announced through the website (igfarab.org) or e-discussions using emails and through participating at annual meetings.

    The committee is formed of 26 new members representing the stakeholders: governments, civil society, private sector, technical and academic community, regional and international organizations and experts.

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