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    Minister Kamel Offers ICT Investment Opportunities at Euromoney 2007

    Date published: 22 March 2007

    An official delegation from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology headed by Minister of CIT Dr. Tarek Kamel attended the latest Euromoney conference, Egypt Investors Conference, held in London on March 21, 2007.

    The delegation was part of a larger representation at the Euromoney Conference led by Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and the ministers of finance and investment representing the economic team behind Egyptís recent strides towards modernization.

    Egypt Investors Conference was held on the sidelines of the Euromoney conference where Kamel participated in the session on "Investing in Next Generation Networks in Egypt" in which new investment opportunities in the ICT field were explored.

    The conference tackled Egyptís 2007 privatization program and new opportunities in the countryís insurance industry. Talks also touched on the telecom sector and particularly the investment opportunities provided by New Generation Networks (NGN).

    Other discussions revolved around Egyptís monetary policy and the countryís domestic and international funding requirements with considerations on its yield curve development, Egyptís sovereign and quasi sovereign funding program, inflation and the overall credit picture of the country. Portfolio investors discussed their experience in investing in Egypt.

    Euromoney is an annual international conference that touches on investment issues and investment opportunities allover the world with a special focus on portfolio and private equity investment in Egypt.

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