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    National Committee for Child Online Safety Holds Trainer Workshop

    Date published: 25 May 2014

    The National Committee for Child Online Safety is to organize an internet safety workshop and training for trainers on June 1 at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) premises in Smart Village.

    The first part of the day is to witness the regional Arabic report of the GSMA Mobile World Congress in which Egypt took part in along with other Arab countries: Algeria, Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The second part is a workshop to train a group of trainers of the National Council for Childhood & Motherhood (NCCM) and another group of technology homes’ trainers.

    The event will take place in cooperation with Mobinil Egypt, hosting the first digital society forum in Egypt, organized by Orange.

    The Forum aims to shed light on societal changes caused by steady technological development and technology’s impact on the community.

    The Forum will host the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Thierry Taboy who is to talk about psychological and social dimensions of the uses of technology, as well as the proper methods to be followed by parents in guiding their children for proper use of modern technology tools.

    Microsoft will also contribute to the training session on key available protection programs for Windows, parental control, security on internet explorer and means to identify corrupted  and inappropriate programs.

    Moreover, MCIT will participate in this part as the IT Executive Director for the ICT-TF is to showcase privacy protection means on social media.

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