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    IGF 13 Closing in Bali

    Date published: 1 November 2013

    The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place, this year, in Bali, Indonesia, during 22- 25 October.

    Representatives of governments, business and civil society gathered in Bali to examine global internet governance challenges.

    More than 1,500 delegates convened in Bali over the course of the four-day meeting.  Several High-level government officials, CEO's and directors of major global business organizations and civil society groups attended too.

    Internet surveillance, was the major emerging issue of the year. The issue casted a long shadow over the discussions at the four-day forum.

    The closing ceremony reaffirmed the participants’ belief in maintaining and strengthening the multi-stakeholder approach to discussing governance on the Internet, as opposed to a government-led multilateral approach. It also focused with a wider lens on emerging issues in internet governance, beyond the surveillance issue.

    New cyber-security threats and revelations of widespread internet surveillance are only two of emerging issues that the multi-stakeholder community must address. To these issues must be added a global agenda for sustainable development post-2015 and the “WSIS +10” review.

    The forum has met annually since the 2006 World Summit on the Information Society to foster a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address emerging risks and challenge.

    The IGF is intended as a space for developing countries as well as wealthier nations to engage in the debate on internet governance on equal footing. 

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