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    Agricultural Knowledge Management Project Concludes

    Date published: 10 September 2013

    Egyptís ICT Trust Fund, affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the United Nations Development Program, witnessed yesterday the closure of the Agricultural Knowledge Management project through developing the local expert system.

    The project was funded by the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC), with the participation of Karianet also funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

    The projectís main goal was to identify a practical model for building efficient knowledge base online. This is to help diagnose problems and find solutions easily.

    The knowledge bases, built by experts, practitioners and academics, are available to the public for free, using the latest technology tools such as internet and mobile applications.

    The event took place with the presence of many international and governmental institutions, besides academics and practitioners in the field of agriculture.

    Deputy Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund, Eng Hoda Dahroug highlighted the significance of community participation to achieve the projectís goals, which was highly reflected in the projectís achievements, as in exchanging expertise and knowledge between governmental and civil institutions as well as individuals.

    Since 2002, Egyptís ICT Trust Fund has been keen in enriching the specialized content and knowledge through the society development portals that needed at the time new services and more support, through the expert system. 
    The project focuses on making agriculture expertise accessible to farmers and the concerned community, with reliance on the latest technology tools.

    The Ministryís IT Infrastructure Sector Director, Dr Hesham El Deeb, pointed out to the importance of cooperation between both the Ministries of ICT and Agriculture in order to achieve full integration among the technical services to support the agriculture and knowledge economy for the benefit of the Egyptian society. He also underlined the importance of spreading these services regionally.

    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) among other international organizations and research centers affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture presented their suggestions and recommendations to activate the service on both civil and governmental levels.

    Moreover, the certificates of recognition were distributed to the partners; such as the central laboratory for expert systems, horticulture value chains (Salasel) and the projectís experts of knowledge and agriculture engineering.

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