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    Egypt, the Biggest Facebook User Population in the Region

    Date published: 28 November 2012
    Egypt still holds the rank of the first Arab country using Facebook. An Arab social media report states that Egypt constitutes about a quarter of total Facebook users in the Arab region.

    According to the report, more Egyptians started using Facebook since the past year more than any Arab country, at over 1.6 million new Facebook users between January and June 2012, while the total number of Facebook users in the Arab world stands at 45,194,452 (as of end June, 2012) having increased by about 50% since the same time last year (29,845,871).

    The number of users in the Arab world has approximately tripled in the last 2 years (June 2010 – June 2012), increasing from 16 million users to 45 million users.

    The percentage of female users remains almost static, reaching 34% with slight fluctuation in the past year. Such a number is significantly lower than the global trend, where women constitute roughly half of Facebook users.

    § Youth between 15 and 29 continue to make up around 70% of Facebook users in the Arab region.

    Gulf countries dominate the top five Arab Facebook users as percentage of population. The UAE remains at the top of the Arab region, followed by Kuwait, while Qatar has found its way back into the top five. Lebanon and Jordan take up the remaining spots. 

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