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    African Internet Governance Forum in Cairo

    Date published: 29 September 2012

    The African Internet Governance Forum - AfIGF 2012 is to take place during the period of  3 - 4 October 2012, in Cairo, Egypt.

    The establishment of the African Internet Governance Forum comes within the context of the launching of four regional initiatives, including the West Africa Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF), the East Africa Internet Governance Forum (EAIGF), Forum de Gouvernance de l'Internet en Afrique Centrale (FGI-CA), and the Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum (SAIGF).

    The African Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) supports and strengthens the ongoing regional initiatives. It shall also reach out to continental and global stakeholders and guide in their engagement in continental, regional and national initiatives.
    AfIGF is meant to be a platform to conduct multilingual discussions about significant issues between African stakeholders related to Internet in Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular.

    Internet Governance space in Africa has been very active during the WSIS process with regional meetings held from 2002 to 2005 in Bamako, Accra, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Johannesburg, Douala and Tunis. Moreover, within the IGF global initiative, Africa has hosted IGF in Egypt (2009) and in Kenya (2011).

    This is why the African Internet Governance Forum comes to increase awareness and build capacity on Internet Governance for African users to ensure that all stakeholders are well prepared for contribution and interaction. It is also to ensure that the concerns of Africa are taken into account in the IGF process and to promote use of African languages in the cyberspace.

    For More Details: http://www.uneca.org/AfIGF/

    Registration is open via the below link: http://afigf.uneca.org/AfIGF-online-registration-form.asp

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