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    Kenanaonline Opens New Prospects for Empowering Universities

    Date published: 7 May 2012

    While social media applications are basically networking tools, Kenanaonline, is a vivid example of a successful Arabic knowledge portal.

    kenanaonline does not only entail knowledge sharing platforms, it also offers the Arab community with Knowledge management tools. Through kenanaonline, professional networks and online consultation could be easily provided. One of these networks is that with the Agriculture faculty in Al Azhar university, through its faculty kenanaonline platform http://kenanaonline.com/azharagric.

    This platform is not a mere knowledge hub, it has also availed, in calibration with the Faculty Administration for Studentsí Training and Development, 4 specialized workshops for 500 university students during the March and April.

    Those workshops trained students on how to create their own websites on the faculty kenanaonline portal and manage their content.

    Kenanaonline team also raised the studentsí awareness on the importance of online specialized knowledge sharing in building the capacities of Arab experts and professionals in addition to developing rural communities in the MENA region as well as its importance in opening up future employment and development opportunities for them.

    The workshops showed the students how kenanaonline could help develop their skills by training them on the mechanism of uploading trustful content, and marketing themselves through publishing their own professional experiences and their CVs on kenanaonline faculty platform.

    By doing so, Al Azhar Faculty of agriculture would be the first to embark on the field of online rural and agro services using ICT. However that does not only benefit the faculty students, nor the faculty alone. It has benefited the whole Arab rural communities by founding calibers who are able to use the internet to disseminate , exchange professional information and experiences and utilize ICT tools to overcome problems in their fields.

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