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    ITIDA Announces Companies Participation Results in Barcelona and Hannover Fairs

    Date published: 5 April 2012
    37 Egyptian Companies Expect 57 Million Pound Deals, Investment Revenue 20 Folds of What was Spent

    A number of 37 Egyptian companies announce their expectance to conclude deals and sales estimated at 57 million Egyptian pounds minimum.

    This follows their participation in the two renowned trade fairs, Mobile World Congress-Barcelona, and CeBIT Hannover- Germany 2012. The Egyptian participation is the biggest and most remarkable of its kind.

    This comes in line with the eagerness of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), to follow up and evaluate the activities of the Egyptian companies, which have recently participated in the events of the abovementioned fairs.

    The Egyptian pavilion in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona comprised 15 specialized companies in the field of mobile applications and products.

    The pavilion witnessed one of the highest attendance rates of visitors where it reached 762 compared with 217 last year.

    Primary indications suggest that the ongoing talks and contacts, between the Egyptian companies and its clients, following the fairís conclusion, may result in 47 million Egyptian pound deals.

    This represents an increase of 15 million pounds from last year, a surge in the investment revenue rate amounting to around 31 Egyptian pounds for every pound ITIDA and Egyptian companies have spent to participate in this giant event.

    On the other hand, the participation of 12 Egyptian companies in CeBIT Hannover- Germany has paid off. The Egyptian pavilion has witnessed a turnout of 410 visitors compared with 329 in last yearís event.

    It is expected that the participation of the Egyptian companies in CeBIT would produce potential deals of 10 million Egyptian pounds, a hike of 8 million pounds from last year. The investment revenue rate would amount to about 6 pounds for every pound spent by ITIDA and Egyptian companies.

    In statements sent to ITIDA, companies ascertain that their expectations for these deals are the fruit of their successful meetings and encounters with clients whom have expressed high interest in the Egyptian technology products and solutions.

    Moreover, numerous Egyptian companies denote that they are currently holding deliberations with potential clients. The details of these deals, which are at their final stages, are to be announced once they are concluded. This is upon the request of the companies involved in these deliberations.

    As soon as the trade fairs concluded, the evaluation of the Egyptian companiesí participation therein has started. Survey forms were distributed to the companies to study their views on the organizational process, the participation outcome and other details of ITIDAís interest.

    The purpose of the surveys is to set guidelines for ITIDA in organizing the participation of the Egyptian companies in international trade fairs.

    ITIDA CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady states that ITIDA met its goals through the participation at the two fairs ensuring the intensive presence of Egyptian companies in IT international forums and maximizing the benefits gained by the participating companies in such fairs.

    The second consecutive participation of the Agency, at Mobile World Congress- Barcelona, and the sixth at CeBIT Hannover- Germany 2012, reflect ITIDAís firm determination to support companies, and open new markets in the various countries of the world, Mr. El-Kady adds.

    In addition, ITIDA CEO believes that the Egyptian companies evaluating and pursing process in IT field, following their participation in international events and forums, is of particular importance.

    The process presents indications that clarify the effectiveness of the Egyptian participation and the lessons learned thereof. Moreover, it highlights the most significant deals contracted by the Egyptian companies, as well as their efforts in attracting potential clients, Mr. El-Kady concludes.

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