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    ICT-TF Participates in the Islamic Development Bank Group Seminar

    Date published: 5 April 2012
    As a leader of the Islamic Development Bank’s (IDB) pioneering initiatives in Egypt, the ICT Trust Fund participated in the IDB international seminar entitled “Financing and Business Opportunities Provided by the Islamic Development Bank Group” that was held on 31 March 2012 , at the “Africa Hall”, Khartoum, Sudan.

    The objective of the seminar is to raise awareness among local and international business communities on products and services offered by the IDB. It further succeeded in transferring knowledge among participants on the Bank’s major initiatives, programs, as well as its financing and business opportunities in its 56 member countries including leading infrastructural projects in Sudan.

    In 2009, Egypt ICT-TF led the implementation process of a quick-win pilot program "The Knowledge and ICT for Development (KICT4D)" in Egypt, which coincided with the application of a twin project in Bangladesh through a fund from the IDB.

    During the Event the ICT-TF showcased the professional implementation model of the (KICT4D), and how the solid planning and management, creativity and technical expertise was a huge factor of the program’s success.
    The KICT4D program has demonstrated the ICT-TF ability on meeting the preset objectives, and exceeding them – on time.

    It also revealed an exquisite experience of the best use of the available resources, through adding value to existing infrastructure and training an already-existing and permanent network of "Telecentres" to carry out the M/SMEs support.

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