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    New Generic Top-Level Domains Are Available Now

    Date published: 18 September 2011

    Soon advertising, marketing and branding professionals, investors, non-profit organizations, trade associations, trademark owners, en¬trepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities around the world will be able to apply to introduce and operate a generic Top-Level Domain of their own choice.

    This comes within the framework of ICANN efforts, coming to life in 1998, to keep the internet secure, stable and interoperable.

    The Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is not quite new. Registering domain names in different languages has become possible on the second level under some of the gTLDs, such as .com.

    Now, however, the Top- Level Domains can contain Latin letters with diacritical marks (such as accents) or may consist of characters from non-Latin scripts such as Arabic or Chinese.

    IDN top-level domain names offer many new opportunities and benefits for Internet users around the world by allowing them to establish and use top-level domains in their native languages and scripts.

    Right now there are around a dozen gTLDs, but soon, there could be hundreds. Any established entity located anywhere in the world can apply to form and operate a new gTLD Registry. The application period will be open from 12 January to 12 April 2012.

    Thus, using gTLDs in Arabic language could help spread the internet use in the Arab world via spreading electronic services and hence, increasing the number of internet users. Enlarging the circle of internet users depends on doubling the Arabic content on the virtual space or the “Internet”.

    Only when reaching this point, the gTLDs can become the catalyst behind the participation of billions of citizens on the internet; hence, shortening the road towards establishing the Knowledge Society, as at this point, the language barriers will be vanished.

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