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    Award-Winning Kenanaonline Portal Continues to Reap Gold

    Date published: 15 May 2011

    The Community Development Portal (CDP) www.kenanaonline.com won the 1st Prize in the 7th Arab e-Content Award 2011 under the Social Network Category. The Award, sponsored by the e-Government Authority in Bahrain, will be officially announced at the Bahrain IT Expo 2011 on Tuesday 17th May, 2011, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology.

    Kenanaonline.com, managed by the UNDP Project ĎICT to Foster Egypt's Sustainable Human Development (Phase II)í, is no stranger to international recognition having clenched a number of prestigious awards in the past from prominent venues and entities including the Stockholm Challenge, E-India, the Pan-Arab Web Awards, The Arab e-Content Award, and the World summit Award.

    Kenanaonline.com addresses the communityís needs by providing them with information related to business; small industry; health; agriculture and farming; and educational and vocational training. The portal doubly serves as an information hub for youth as it contains information on a wide variety of topics, ranging from entertainment to computer and internet knowledge. The portal also offers a number of activities including conducting field activities for youth engagement, such as workshops; establishing a network of youth mentors; building partnerships with organizations working on similar initiatives; developing multimedia content to simplify important messages; providing entertainment content to attract youth; and ensuring the availability of capacity building content. 

    During 2010 the Kenanaonline portal has grown significantly in both scope and popularity. To date kenanaonline.com has received over 39,000,000 visits, with the number of unique visitors surpassing the 320,000 mark. The number of articles stored on the portal has risen from 15,000 articles in early 2007 to over 50,000 today. This increase illustrates Kenanaonlineís ability to serve its user base well by adding content that responds to the needs of the participating communities. 5,000 of those users have officially registered online to the portal. Kenanaonlineís services arenít limited to Egyptian communities; while about 50% of the portalís users are from Egypt, 10% from Saudi Arabia, 30% from other Arabic-speaking countries, and 10% are from non-Arabic speaking countries.

    IT clubs and NGOs play a crucial role in Kenanaonlineís activities by responding to userís interests and assisting in the accumulation of relevant content in the portal. Thus far, the agricultural section has been the most popular among visitors and currently has 10 dedicated professionals who add content based on the needs of its users. A civil society component of the Kenanaonline is also being developed to help foster a dialogue among participants and strengthen the community dynamic that is of vital importance to the project as a whole.

    Kenanaonline has become a community that facilitates a digital learning experience and utilizes the unique capabilities of ICT. Much of the content on Kenanaonline was not previously available to its users, making this initiative invaluable in bridging the gap between rural and urban communities.

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